GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Compatible with mobile devices

GPS vehicle tracking system integrates the installation of a computerized devices in a vehicle, or fleet of vehicles, with designed computer software at least at one application to enable the owner to track the vehicle’s location, gathering data in the process from the field and deliver it to the application. Conquerors a gps vehicle tracking company tracks the vehicles distributes the software all over the world.

Vehicle tracking software allow for easy and accurate location of the vehicle in real time. Vehicle tracking information can be viewed on electronic maps via internet or vehicle tacking software . We are one of the satellite vehicle tracking company india providing the best services to the clients.

Features :

  •  Auto Track: Sends alerts at set interval time
  •  GEO-Fence : Sands alerts if move out of the restricted area
  •  Speed Alarm : sands alert if moves faster then set up speed
  •  Stop & Restart: Vehicle Stop & Restart the Vehicle by SMS
  •  SOS Emergency Alarm: Sends alerts in any emergency situation.


Personal GPS Tracker PGT2 :

GH1202 Personal GPS Tracker PGT2 is compresses device associated with GPS and GSM modules with internal Battery.This device is absolutely suitable for applications where location accomplishment, remote objects is needed and perfectly suites for securing company’s assets. Device can be used as USB GSM modem. High GPS receiver sensitivity makes device easy to integrate in any environment where ordinary GPS receivers can not fix their position. The whole of the mentioned advantages makes this solution very attractive for companies which success depends on quality of transportation, logistics and movable object monitoring.

Task Manager – GPS Based Task Manager System On Mobile :

Using this application user can keep location based as well as time based live tracking of the tasks assigned to him / her. Application can generate extensive reports for all the tasks and task activities based on start and end time of each task. Also can generate location based reports using this application. Application has two broad task categories.

  •  Personal Task
  •  Organizational Task

Application can be synch with web system. So task assignments and report pulling can be done easily using web based application.


  •  Geo-Fence alerts you when vehicle arrives or departs a predetermined area.
  •  Available to approximately 98% of the US population.
  •  Supports simultaneous multiple case management.